Patient’s Rights

  1. To be treated with respect, consideration, compassion and dignity regardless of age, gender, race, origin, religion, sexual orientation or disabilities.
  2. To be addressed by proper name and informed about the name of the doctors, nurses and other healthcare team members involved in the care.
  3. To have full consideration of the privacy, dignity and confidentiality in care discussions, examination and treatment. .
  4. Protection from physical abuse and neglect.
  5. Right to quality care & treatment consistent with available resources & generally acceptable standards.
  6. A clear and understandable explanation by your doctor/trained staff about your diagnosis, as well as the benefits and risks of each treatment and expected outcome.
  7. To participate in decisions involving your healthcare and to refuse treatment except when such participation is contradicted for medical reasons.
  8. To be educated about the medications, diet, prevention & other aspects of the disease process.
  9. To clarify all your doubts before signing the consent forms such as general consent form and consent form for surgery/ anaesthesia/ high risk procedures.
  10. To be informed about pain and pain relief measures to participate in your pain management plan.
  11. To request for second opinion and change of doctor.
  12. To be informed about transfer to another facility or organization & provided complete explanation, including alternatives to a transfer.
  13. To agree or refuse to take part in medical research studies, still continue to receive medical treatment.
  14. To be involved in the discharge plan.
  15. You have the right to have access to the rate list and expected cost of treatment.
  16. To be informed about the financial implications when there is a change in patient condition or treatment setting.
  17. You have the right to make suggestions and express grievances.
  18. To have your own medical record available on request.
  19. To receive care & treatment in a safe & secure environment, free from physical, sexual on verbal abuse & neglect.